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About Me!

In case you haven't heard i have opened my own salon up at home called Priority Hair designs. I would like to add some more information about myself and inform clients that may not know where i have gone and don't recognise my new salons name.

I have been hairdressing for 6 years now, how time flies. I decided to move to Brisbane and do my trade there, as i had more learning opportunities to become a great stylist. Being highly trained in a busy environment gave me the experience and skills that makes me the hairstylist and colourist i am today. After being in Brisbane for a while i started to get over the hustle and bustle so i moved back to Gympie,where i originally lived and went to school. I began a new job at a salon in town, which was a nice change. Working with different stylists in a different a salon environment gave more knowledge and experience as a hairdresser. As my career progressed, i decided it was time to open my own salon and become own boss. With everything that has happened this year it makes you think and look at life with a different perspective, therefore i chose to leave my old work and begin my journey as a salon owner. Exciting times are ahead, which is giving the rest of this year a positive outlook.

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